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Back in 2019, a trio of creative setup the fledgling production company, Dreams of Summer Productions. Under this entity, two films were made 'Hard Truths with Gregor Barnsdale' & 'Cradle'. Dreams of Summer Productions no longer operates at the same capacity, but Summer's Edge Productions (managed by two of the aforementioned creatives) is continuing its legacy. In doing so, it commits to resurrecting the Gregor Barnsdale Saga and producing other narratives, particularly experimental short films, focusing on collaboration. It is very much the early stages of production on these upcoming films (most are still being written!) but keep watching this space, good things are on the way...


A mockumentary showcasing the talk-show host, Gregor Barnsdale, who is attempting to make a career comeback following a disastrous interview with an unknown celebrity.

Director: Mark Wisdom, Joe Facer, Adam Sandy

Production Company: Dreams of Summer Productions

Think Summer’s Edge Productions could help you?

We are still a very young company and haven't yet got all the fine details polished e.g. separate company website & email address. However, we really want to help anyone who has a need for media solutions or wants to collaborate. So, for now, feel free to contact me (Mark Wisdom) on my contacts page.


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