Mark Wisdom is an actor & writer who loves developing complex characters and original stories.

As an actor, Mark first found success playing Billy in a prominent 2013 stage production of 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice'. Since then he has had roles in the short films 'Between the Divide' (2017), 'The Prison' (2019), 'Snapshot' (2020) & 'Conviction Without Remorse' (2020), the latter he also produced. Mark has frequently returned to the stage to hone his craft and was most recently seen in a Bear Left Theatre Company production entitled ‘A Heart to Love’. This saw him tackle several major Shakespeare characters, such as Hamlet and Henry V.

Mark’s writing credits include the short films 'Service Charge' and ‘A Glance to the Ocean’. He also co-wrote the 1970’s crime drama short film 'Conviction Without Remorse' which is currently on the film festival circuit. Mark, and the film’s director, have since co-written a feature-length version of this script which they are looking to produce. More recently, Mark completed the pilot episode for ‘The Saturate Saga’, a Sci-Fi TV series of his own concept.


Mark has also ventured into Voice Overs and recently provided his voice to an Instinctive Photography advertisement.