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Mark Wisdom is an award-winning British actor who has written and produced his own films, worked with an Oscar-winning cinematographer and trained with the Actors Workshop in Nottingham.


He is represented by Glynis at the Vella Wozniak Management.

Mark Wisdom Headshot Collage.jpg

" classy young actor, with a cut-glass accent, reminiscent of Jeremy Brett, as he recalls the chilling tale, building the story to its actor who can tell a story and keep you transfixed just with the power of the spoken word..."
Kev Castle

"...his delivery is scarily and perfectly patient."
UK Film Review

"Mark has a real flair and a natural feel for Shakespeare. The speeches just roll off of his tongue, like a second language...he can do comedy as well as serious Shakespeare, with proficiency."
Kev Castle
"Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is very much apparent in Wisdom’s wickedly delicious performance."
 "Actor Mark Wisdom seems to have fun with Nameless’ monologues, and his performance is at once tongue-in-cheek and genuinely intense."
Diamond in the Rough Films

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