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As a professional actor/producer - who has worked with/produced numerous different & varied scripts - Mark Wisdom has a firm awareness of what comes across as a professional-looking text, both technically and narratively. This knowledge, combined with a natural flair for editing and relatable critique, led to many of his contacts asking for input on their written projects. And, after consistent success, Mark decided to turn this into a service for anyone who needs it! 

Think Mark & Summer’s Edge Productions could help you?

We are still a very young company and haven't yet got all the fine details polished e.g. separate company website & email address. However, we really want to help anyone who has a need for media solutions or wants to collaborate. So, for now, feel free to contact Mark Wisdom on his contacts page.

Or order a screenplay beta read right now over on Mark's Fiverr page!

So, what can Mark do for you?

Mark offers a selection of services related to improving and assisting with high-quality written works, primarily screenplays and scripts (with the occasional novel too!).

He can assist on multiple different levels, from basic proofreading through to being a dedicated sounding-board for narrative/character arcs, with a non-exhaustive list below:

  • Proofreading 

  • Editorial guidance & copyediting

  • Give Feedback

  • Content rewrite

  • Assessment of narrative/character arcs

  • Synopsis writing

  • Logline suggestions

  • Production guidance

  • Idea generation

  • Writing partnership

  • Scene-by-scene analysis & assessment

  • Manuscript formating

Mark's assistance will ALWAYS be conscious of the writer's own style, as easy-to-understand as possible, and WILL NOT be filled with confusing technical jargon. 

Pricing - The most important part! 

Mark's aim is to help as many people as he is able to and he will work with you to agree on a project outline with an agreed price and timeframe. Therefore, prices are largely bespoke, however as a general rule, for basic proofreading, Mark operates on a simple system of £1 per page of (standard format) manuscript. 

What do I accept?

Currently, Mark is only able to accept manuscripts written in English and will happily assist with:

  • Screenplays (Full & individual scenes)

  • Scripts (Full & individual scenes)

  • Novels (Full & individual chapters)

  • Short-stories

Separate from manuscripts Mark is also able to assist with:

  • Website content

  • Synopses

  • Blurbs

  • Loglines

Working on something not listed above? Send Mark an email and he will see if he is able to help you!

Why choose Mark?

Unfortunately, there are many projects that Mark has declined because of a poorly written script/screenplay, and he is desperate to avoid something similar happening to your manuscript. Therefore, Mark prides himself on using his acting and producing experience as part of his analysis. Put simply, his input will be influenced by what is realistic, relevant, and appreciated by those that may eventually interact with your content. Beyond that, he has experience in marketing, project management, and PR and understands how client-agency relationships function best. Finally, here are some testimonials from a few of Mark's previous clients:

"To say that I am satisfied with Mark Wisdom's service would be an understatement. His work on my short film, 'Voice of Belief' not only ensured that the storyline was effective but also provided insight into the characters that made up the world. Mark would highlight key character development points, offering advice and feedback to ensure that we had believable and compelling characters. Without his input, we would have been missing the level of depth that Mark added. I would highly recommend his service!"

Alastair Railton Director & Writer of the award-winning short film 'Voice of Belief'

Mark Wisdom came highly recommended who, with his background as an actor, lends itself to understanding how well manuscripts should read.   


My manuscript was duly forwarded, confident it was perfect, having been checked (by myself and my partner) and treble checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and story flow.  However, it wasn't until I received Mark's observations that I realised just how much more there was to 'editing' &'proof reading'.  He still found grammar mistakes, well hidden and easily missed by a novice like me (and I'm the writer).  He also found I'd used specific words too often and offered alternatives.  His methods are so professional, margin quotes to make his thoughts clear, without ruining the actual text.  Best of all were his comments r.e. the plots and the areas where, in his own words, 'nothing seems to be happening for several pages, so the reader could get bored' followed by a few suggestions.  He was right; those areas definitely required more impact. 


My manuscript reads so much better now and the story offers more grit and excitement throughout instead of just in certain areas.  Mark doesn't just offer honest professional opinions on areas he believes require change, he also compliments where the manuscript hits the spot.  What a boost those comments provide. 


Need a book edit or proof reading?  Mark Wisdom is your man.  Having had firsthand experience of his work, I would most certainly and very highly, recommended him.

Margrete von Schomberg, author of 'The Big Yellow Door'

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