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What is Summer’s Edge Productions?

A production company specialising in short-form narratives, theatre support services, showreel production, voiceovers, manuscript consultancy, stock footage, merchandise. Click below to see more on a particular wing of Summer's Edge Productions:

Who is involved and/or associated?

Mark Wisdom

​Mark Wisdom is an actor, producer, writer & host

  • Founder

  • Actor

  • Producer

  • Writer

  • Account Manager

Adam Sandy DoP

Adam Sandy

A narrative and music DoP specialising in storytelling through intimate and purposeful visuals.

  • Director of Photography

  • Colourist

  • Editor

Alastair Railton

An award-winning director & writer

  • Director

  • Videographer

  • Writer

  • Editor

Fresh Air Films and Media

Think Summer’s Edge Productions could help you?

We are still a very young company and haven't yet got all the fine details polished e.g. separate company website & email address. However, we really want to help anyone who has a need for media solutions or wants to collaborate. So, for now, feel free to contact Mark Wisdom on his contacts page.

Summers Edge Logo.png