Welcome to The Storysmith Guild!

Mark has the goal to connect UK Independent Filmmakers together to help forge as many of the best stories possible.

Mark creates content for 'The Storysmith Guild' on YouTube and can also be supported on Patreon

The Patreon is designed to support 'The Storysmith Guild'; a network primarily for UK Independent Filmmakers which includes access to a discord community run by Mark Wisdom. Mark is a filmmaker, actor & writer who loves the art of "smithing" a story, i.e. seeing a story through from start to finish, no matter the form or medium. Mark likes to do this through filmmaking and wants to connect talented UK filmmakers to each other so that as many high-quality films/stories can be made as possible.

The Storysmith Guild is headlined through a YouTube channel with filmmaking advice, footage, and motivational content.

Join The Storysmithing Guild and let's forge some stories!

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